International cooperation

The aim of international cooperation at the Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies, Technical University of Košice is to expand the contacts and the cooperation of the Faculty, especially with important foreign partners and workplaces. This cooperation is realized at the level of the faculty and its individual departments by organizing international scientific and professional events, participating in the solution of foreign projects. This is supported by the mobility of students and teachers within the framework of Erasmus, CEEPUS and the National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic. At present, three international research projects are dealt with at the Faculty. The Faculty has contractual cooperation with 33 foreign institutions, 27 Erasmus+ contracts are signed at the faculty level. Faculty staff is local coordinator of 8 CEEPUS networks.

Contractual cooperation with foreign institutions at the faculty level

List of active CEEPUS networks at the faculty level

  • CIII-BG-0703 – Modern Trends in Education and Research on Mechanical Systems - Bridging Reliability, Quality and Tribology (doc. Piteľ)
  • CIII-RO-0058 – Design, Implementation and Use of Joint Programs Regarding Quality in Manufacturing Engineering (doc. Kočiško)
  • CIII-RO-0202 – Implementation and Utilization of E-learning Systems in Study Area of Production Engineering in Central European Region (prof. Monková)
  • CIII-PL-0033 – Development of Mechanical Engineering (Design, Technology and Production Management) as an Essential base for Progress in the Area of Small and Medium Companies' Logistics - Research, Preparation and Implementation of Joint Programs of Study (doc. Hatala)
  • CIII-SK-0030 – From Preparation to Development, Implementation And Utilisation of Joint Programs In Study Area of Production Engineering – Contribution to higher flexibility, ability and mobility of students in the Central and East European region (prof. Modrák)
  • CIII-PL-0007 – Novel Methods of Manufacturing and Measurement of Machine Parts (prof. Zajac)
  • CIII-PL-0701 – Engineering as Communication Language in Europe (prof. Hloch)
  • CIII-CZ-0201 – Knowledge Bridge for Students and Teachers in Manufacturing Technologies (doc. Hatala)


  • Eureka - Auto-ID technology and the Internet of Things to enhance the quality of health services - U Health
  • H2020 - SME 4.0 – Industry 4.0 for SMEs: Smart Manufacturing and Logistics for SMEs in an X-to-order and Mass Customization Environment
  • H2020 - Development of ‘Less than Wagon Load’ transport solutions in the Antwerp Chemical cluster
  • Erasmus Plus - Social Network based doctoral Education on Industry 4.0
  • Erasmus Plus - Social Network based doctoral Education on Industry 4.0
  • EUROSTARS/Bridge2ERA - The development of sinternd 3D printed parts made from sintersible PUR coated cellulose nano-whiskers fits into the strategic orientation of the university to cooperation with SME